UP Public Service



The Padayon UP Public Service Office

The Office of the University President, with the approval of the Board of Regents, shall establish a public service office to be called Padayon UP that shall principally coordinate and mobilize the resources of the University to respond promptly and efficiently to the demands of public service and develop relevant networking and support from the different “publics” of the University. Padayon is a Visayan word which means “to do promptly, hastily, unceasingly” as planned and as worked out. (Abuyen Dictionary, 2005) Since public service requires an immediate response, efforts and initiatives toward public service will be ‘padayon’. The Padayon UP shall:
  1. Coordinate and monitor all public service modalities and volunteer programs throughout the UP System, help document the various public service activities of the University, and in cooperation with the UP System Information Office, disseminate these activities, programs, and information to the UP community, other universities, policymakers, local governments, and the general public;
  2. Assist CUs in initiating, implementing, and evaluating public service initiatives toward developing a relevant, strategic, sustainable, and systematic public service program consistent with the mandate of RA9500 and promotion of the One UP;
  3. Review the conduct of public service activities and programs and recommend to the President policies to ensure system-wide replication of successful programs, fund innovative activities, and create an award system for individuals and programs that increase institutional visibility for UP consistent with the promotion of One UP;
  4. Transmit to appropriate agencies for timely legislative, executive, or private sector action such policy studies emanating from UP CUs, research units, extension projects, including those generated from evaluation and impact assessments of public service projects; and
  5. Upon instructions of the President, coordinate the delivery of immediate, focused, and strategic technical assistance to various publics that need assistance.
The Padayon UP Public Service Office is the UP President’s action on the resolution of the 2009 Faculty Conference stating that UP must be both a research university and a public service University, with the present crises in the Philippines as a frame of reference for its public service activities. The 2009 Faculty conference specifically recommends the establishment of a system-wide organization to coordinate public service and allocate from 2% to 10% of UP’s income to its public service program. To this end, the Padayon UP Public Service Office shall develop a strategic public service framework and a system for designing, linking, and sustaining public service programs that are relevant, pragmatic, strategic, timely, and pioneering.  

Organizational Chart