Alumni and other members of the UPV community launch initiatives to assist stranded students, fellow UPV constituents and the Iloilo community affected by the COVID-19 health crisis

| Written by Padayon UP

The bayanihan spirit is vibrant in UPV, as seen in various initiatives undertaken by UPV alumni, students, other constituents, as well as some members of the community. It has been three weeks since community quarantine measures have been imposed in the Province of Iloilo. Nonetheless, cash and in-kind donations have been flowing in, thanks to the initiative of benevolent people, whose sense of solidarity and genuine empathy for those affected, outweigh the desire for personal convenience. What lies ahead of April 14, the day that the Enhanced Community Quarantine order is set to end, still remains uncertain. But we find comfort in knowing that the UPV community teems with social consciousness, unwavering spirit and genuine empathy, necessary in coping with a global pandemic such as COVID-19.

(This was originally posted on the UPV official website on April 7, 2020)