Barangay Integrated Development Approach for Nutrition Improvement (BIDANI)

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BIDANI aims to promote nutrition-in-development through community and other key stakeholders’ participation in an integrated management system facilitated by State Universities and Colleges’ extension programs. It is a community-based integrated development strategy designed to improve nutritional status and general well-being of the poor. To the academe, BIDANI is an action research. For partner LGUs, it is a strategy to systematically help them evolve their own development programs with an orientation to nutrition.

To achieve these ends, BIDANI created three innovative strategies it shares with its partners and other interested entities. The first one, Barangay Integrated Development Approach (BIDA), creates awareness and empowers stakeholders to participate actively in the development efforts of the barangay. It facilitates the preparation of the Barangay Integrated Development Plan (BIDP), as formulated by the people themselves.

The second strategy is called Barangay Management Information System (BMIS). It facilitates the identification of the needs of the barangays, which are essential for nutrition-in- development planning as well for project implementation, monitoring and evaluation. It also promotes capacity development of barangay development council (BDC) in e- governance using the BMIS electronic system.

The third strategy that BIDANI created is called the Participative Nutrition Enhancement Approach (PNEA). It utilizes a participative strategy in preventing malnutrition among newborn to twenty-four-month old children through the life cycle approach. It also promotes food production and market-driven livelihood activities among households in order to prevent malnutrition among pre-school children and nutritionally at-risk families.

Duration / Date:


Target / Beneficiaries:

State universities and colleges (SUCs), local government units at the municipal and barangay levels, and barangay residents, especially the marginalized and malnourished groups

Cost of Participation:

The cost of participation is borne by the academe and LGUs through shared resources.

Office in Charge:

Institute of Human Nutrition and Food (IHNF),
College of Human Ecology (CHE),
UP Los Baños

Contact Details:

Barangay Integrated Development Approach for Nutrition Improvement (BIDANI)
Institute of Human Nutrition and Food (IHNF),
College of Human Ecology (CHE),
UP Los Baños
College, Laguna 4031
E-mail: [email protected]
Telefax: (049) 536 3643

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