The University continues to be the institutional leader in research and public service by strengthening and expanding its ongoing efforts to serve the people. Constituent universities (CUs) have implemented several initiatives in disaster response, resource mobilization, and relief assistance efforts for victims of the earthquake that struck the provinces of Abra, Benguet, Ilocos Sur and other parts of Northern Luzon last 27 July

With the University of the Philippines (UP) at the helm of providing various forms of public service, the nation moves even closer towards being a place for Filipinos to thrive and prosper. The University’s adherence to its commitment to serving the people has paved the way for advancements through its experts leading research and development of various sectors. Furthermore, the University diligently keeps a close eye on the pandemic situation of the country and is always at the forefront of any need that can arise.

The focus of this month’s edition is on Constituent Universities’ (CUs) initiatives to inform voters, assist them in making decisions, and instill a sense of alertness throughout the entire electoral process. This report also highlights the ongoing provision of services and information linked to COVID-19 and CUs’ constituents, including assistance on emotional and mental health for communities that are most in need.

This issue highlights the different knowledge management and sharing initiatives spearheaded by various constituent universities (CUs), ranging from workshops, capacity-building training programs, and to information education and communication (IEC) materials. With its mandate of serving the people, the University aims to create impact through its different research and innovations for the people. Through these initiatives, the often merely glossed over yet crucial role of research and innovations in improving the lives of the Filipino people takes center stage.

In celebration of Women’s Month, the University of the Philippines conducted a series of public service initiatives that focus on highlighting the role and participation of women in building and rebuilding nations. The University took part in recognizing the importance of eliminating discrimination and inequalities based on sex. The following public service initiatives are largely centered on Women’s Month celebration.