The Padayon Public Service Office is in charge of preparing the Public Service Report which is a compilation of the public service initiatives of all UP Constituent Universities. The report covers a three month period and is released every 15th of the following month on this website and on our social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter/X)

Through its diverse initiatives in the country, the University of the Philippines (UP) remains active in fulfilling its mandate of leadership in public service, innovation, and development. With the needs of the country constantly evolving, the University has responded by enacting timely and relevant projects in different fields in its role as a national university. This report will highlight projects that the University and its constituent universities (CUs) have conducted and participated in, such as projects for knowledge sharing, physical and mental health, technology, and national development.

The University of the Philippines under the leadership of President Angelo A. Jimenez continues to devote efforts towards national development and serving Filipinos. All the initiatives held this March 2023 underlined the University’s outstanding and continued leadership in public service as seen in its safeguarding of human rights, particularly women’s rights, forging agreements and partnerships with national and international partners, promoting knowledge sharing and management, and providing social services to underserved communities.

The University of the Philippines continues to commit to Filipinos through its numerous contributions and milestones in research and public service. By utilizing the expertise of its community members, the University has produced research breakthroughs and responsive policies in public health, science and technology, national development, and sustainable growth. In its commitment to social responsibility, UP has constantly assisted various sectors in mitigating and coping with the challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

As the country slowly approaches its third year of combating the pandemic, the University of the Philippines (UP) remains unyielding and continues to show exemplary efforts in fulfilling its mandate of leadership as a public service university. This report contains the different public service initiatives mobilized by each of the eight Constituent Universities (CUs) across the UP System, each primarily addressing the struggles of the community amidst the new normal.