QUARTERLY REPORT | Public Service Initiatives of the University of the Philippines (January – March 2024)

| Written by Padayon UP




The Padayon Public Service Office is in charge of preparing the Public Service Report, a compilation of the public service initiatives of all UP Constituent Universities. The report covers three months and is released every 15th of the following month on this website and our social media platforms (FB: UP Padayon Public Service and Twitter: @UPPublicService).

The 2024 version of the Padayon Public Service Report not only encapsulates the various public service initiatives, projects, and services that CUs have undertaken, but it now features data on the various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) being addressed by UP. We have also improved the categorization of public service activities as a way to harmonize this report and the upcoming utilization of the Public Service Module in UIS.

In terms of data gathering, the Padayon staff monitors the official social media pages and websites of all UP CUs for their public service activities. Once we have gathered the data, we categorize it into the following public service activities: Direct Service Provision, Information Dissemination, Service Learning, Service to the University, Technical Assistance and Consultancy, Networks and Linkages, and Alumni-Led.

The Padayon team has worked diligently to compile a comprehensive report that encapsulates the various initiatives, projects, and services that UP Constituent Universities have undertaken in service to the community with the hope that the data can be of use in planning and decision-making. This report relies heavily on each CU’s social media and website. If there are initiatives that are not posted but would like to be included in the report, please get in touch with us at [email protected] or use the #UPPadayon and #PadayonPSReport for us to source your public service content.

This report is part of the mandate of Padayon to “coordinate and monitor all public service modalities and volunteer programs throughout the UP System and help document the various public service activities of the University.”

Please download the attached files to look at some relevant highlights from January to March 2024.



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