The pandemic that is COVID-19 has infected the world in many ways, both physically and mentally. For Cebuanos, the University of the Philippines Cebu and Ateneo de Cebu counselors have assembled to form Cebu COPES – Counselors Online Psychological and Emotional Support. Four of UP Cebu guidance counselors have volunteered for the program namely, Annabelle G. Maglasang, Cipriano V. Olita, Jaseluh R. Saturinas, and Jeffrey D. Pelonio.

Cebu COPES aims to provide a platform for Cebuanos to avail of free, confidential online and tele-counseling services and psycho-social support by registered guidance counselors. Their primary goal is to assist Cebuanos in their mental and emotional health needs amidst COVID-19.

In celebration of the 31st National Statistics Month, UP Cebu’s Mathematics Program of the College of Science has organized a series of Webinars on Statistics to be held on 15, 16, 19, and 27 October 2020.

The webinar series will have resource speakers from UP Diliman’s School of Statistics, and chief officers from the Community Based Monitoring System Office.

The virtual discussion addresses the challenges, issues, and concerns that Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are experiencing as they transition into a digital mode of delivery of education, and their varied ways of managing and coping with learning disruptions in the current higher education environment.

With Cebu implementing phased plans for re-opening businesses organizations and public institutions, we developed a tool whose approaches augment what we know works for such set-ups.

Covcheck’s CovidCheck is a monitoring tool built to collect health data of the personnel of business organizations and/or public institutions through daily health self-assessments. It aids in identifying risks before employees, staff, and students alike leave their homes.

With the increasing number of confirmed cases in Metro Cebu, more localised and active identification, surveillance and monitoring of suspect and confirmed cases could aid in stemming the tide of infections. In order to seed a more effective and efficient case finding and monitoring process among barangays, few LGUs in Metro Cebu have started to adopt digital tools that can hasten emergency response.

CoVcheck, an online community-driven web application was launched recently by a team of researchers from the FireCheck Project of the UP Cebu Center for Environmental Informatics led by Aileen Joan Vicente, Asst. Professor at the Department of Computer Science.