CoVcheck develops Quarantine Buddy: a patient care management system

| Written by Padayon UP

In these extraordinary times, speed is of the essence. To further accelerate our LGUs’ CoVID-19 response, CoVcheck developed the Quarantine Buddy (QB).

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Today, LGUs grapple with how they break the chains of transmission through testing, tracing, and treating thereby quarantining CoVID-19 patients to isolation centers until they are no longer infectious.

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The researchers have found that the use of QB as a digital tool across isolation centers can reduce the paper register and reporting concerns in our local health systems. QB is a patient care management platform that is looking to improve:

  1. Storage and Retrieval of Patient Records – Allowing health worker buddies to electronically register patients and view patient information easily.
  2. Patient Management and Monitoring – Allowing health workers to account for the care they provide to their patients, and better track their patients (in-facility and home quarantine after patients are discharged).
  3. Monitoring and Performance Management through Summary Reports – Providing LGUs with a reliable tool for collecting data at the source, resulting in a more accurate denominator reflected in the data dashboard and enabling them to make data-driven and evidence-based decisions.

(This was originally posted on the UP Cebu website on May 15, 2020)