UP Cebu and Ateneo de Cebu assemble to form Cebu COPES – Counselors Online Psychological and Emotional Support

| Written by Padayon UP

The pandemic that is COVID-19 has infected the world in many ways, both physically and mentally. For Cebuanos, the University of the Philippines Cebu and Ateneo de Cebu counselors have assembled to form Cebu COPES – Counselors Online Psychological and Emotional Support. Four of UP Cebu guidance counselors have volunteered for the program namely, Annabelle G. Maglasang, Cipriano V. Olita, Jaseluh R. Saturinas, and Jeffrey D. Pelonio.

Cebu COPES aims to provide a platform for Cebuanos to avail of free, confidential online and tele-counseling services and psycho-social support by registered guidance counselors. Their primary goal is to assist Cebuanos in their mental and emotional health needs amidst COVID-19.

The program is still at its infantry stage and the counselors are inviting other registered counselors who are willing to assist, to share their personal contact information.

The group hopes to help everyone, not just Cebuanos, in ways that they can.

How to avail of their services:

  1. Visit Facebook page of Cebu COPES.
  2. Select and contact the counselor you wish to communicate with (see below list).
  3. Wait for a response from the counselor.
  4. Fill out the informed consent forwarded to you and send back to the counselor.
  5. Online and tele-counseling services are available from 8AM to 6PM. Special schedules may, however, be held upon an agreed arrangement with the counselor.
  6. Those who may need psychosocial and emotional support are welcome to avail of this service. No fees will be charged. They, however, request clients to connect to our volunteer counselors with respect and maintain confidentiality.


(This was originally posted on the UP Cebu website on April 22, 2020)