The UPLB Bee Program’s beekeeping training course is creating quite a buzz, making farmers, researchers, students, teachers, hobbyists, and practicing beekeepers swarm the University in order to learn more about it. A testament to this is the steadily growing demand for the training course since it was first offered in 1989, at times even […]

How is that again? Rice sufficiency with the use of corn?

Indeed, this is what Dr. Artemio M. Salazar, a retired research professor at the College of Agriculture and Food Science (CAFS), believes in.

“Rice sufficiency does not have to be achieved through rice alone but could be achieved with the help of corn,” he said. Dr. Salazar, who used to head the Cereals Section of the Institute of Plant Breeding (IPB), CAFS, shares this belief with his team of plant breeders and agricultural extensionists.