With the increasing number of confirmed cases in Metro Cebu, more localised and active identification, surveillance and monitoring of suspect and confirmed cases could aid in stemming the tide of infections. In order to seed a more effective and efficient case finding and monitoring process among barangays, few LGUs in Metro Cebu have started to adopt digital tools that can hasten emergency response.

CoVcheck, an online community-driven web application was launched recently by a team of researchers from the FireCheck Project of the UP Cebu Center for Environmental Informatics led by Aileen Joan Vicente, Asst. Professor at the Department of Computer Science.

FireCheck gives video tutorials on how to use CoVcheck! Check it out below! Ania na ang CoVcheck, Sugbo! CoVcheck web app is now live at: https://covcheck.upcebu.edu.ph/ Ug malipayon namong ipahibawo nga sugod karong adlawa, mag-CoVcheck na ang siyudad sa Mandaue ug Naga, Cebu. Inubanan sa hiniusang pwersa sa mga local strategic planners and decision makers ug […]

Everyone is under stress trying to cope with the novel coronavirus pandemic, but students are especially vulnerable: They’ve lost access to their friends, their campus communities, and the structure and rhythm of the academic year. This special collection, available online and free, includes some of our strongest pieces on how faculty members can help students cope. The Chronicle of Higher Education also has a collection that includes articles on how to make online teaching more sensitive to student concerns, how to spot potential mental-health issues, and more.

To find ways to mitigate the harmful effects of the rising temperatures in urban areas, the government is assessing the development of urban heat islands in rapidly urbanizing and highly urbanized cities in the Philippines using satellites and modeling-simulation techniques. The initiative is being led by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), through the […]