How to: Fabricate Face Shields (a FabLab guide)

| Written by Padayon UP

Five for five: A FabLab five-step guide on how to fabricate these five-minute face shields!


  1. Lasercutting: one 4 x 8 ft. acrylic sheet can fit 96 pcs. of our file, with each piece taking 2 minutes to lasercut (download it here:


2. Peel the sticker backing from the acrylic frames

3. Place 10-15 acetate/PVC sheets between face shield jig and drill holes into indicated spots


4. Attach shields to frame hooks


5. Attach rubber band to frame ends!



6. Ta-da!

And ta-da!

(This was originally posted on the UP Cebu website on March 26, 2020)