CovidCheck with us!

With Cebu implementing phased plans for re-opening businesses organizations and public institutions, we developed a tool whose approaches augment what we know works for such set-ups.Covcheck’s CovidCheck is a monitoring tool built to collect health data of the personnel of business organizations and/or public institutions through daily health self-assessments. It aids in identifying risks before employees, staff, and students alike leave their homes.

The 3Rs of CovidCheck-ing encapsulate the tool’s functions.

Users may be able to*
1. (R)egister into the CovidCheck system by filling out the CoVID-19 self-assessment form.
2. (R)eport health status prior to leaving home for work or school.
3. (R)etrieve time-stamped and dated clearance pass.
Heath services units of establishments, in turn, can effectively monitor the status of their workforce with real-time reporting and dashboards.

If you want your company or institution to have a similar system in place, you can email either of these addresses:
cebui[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Daily symptom surveillance is integral to workplace safety now more than ever. With the kind of rapid spread we have seen in communities, it high time that tech-enabled innovations be married with your businesses and/or institutions’ culture.

CovidCheck with us!


(This was originally posted on the UP Cebu website on May 2, 2020)