Certificate Course for Data Protection Officers

| Written by Padayon UP

UP Open University, UPOU Foundation Inc., and Digital Freedom Network team up to bring you the Certificate Course for Data Protection Officers.

CCDPO 28 March - 22 April

Course Description: The course is designed to train and certify Data Privacy Officers who will be tasked with designing, implementing, and overseeing the respective data privacy policies of their organizations, in compliance with the Data Privacy Act and its Implementing Rules.

At the end of the course, participants will be taking a certification exam based on the course modules and lectures. A Certification shall be issued to participants who pass the exam.

This 4-week online course will take place in MyPortal — the virtual classroom or course site of  UPOU — and also through Zoom. It will involve you doing some asynchronous activities (e.g.,  watching video lectures in the course site) and attending synchronous/live/real time sessions  (e.g., live lectures, recitation) via Zoom meetings.

The Lecturers/Resource Persons for this online course are:

  • Atty. Jose Jesus M. Disini, Jr.
  • Atty. Oliver Xavier A. Reyes
  • Atty. Roberto Miguel O. Raneses
  • Atty. Paolo A. Sumilong
  • Atty. Paula G. Filart
  • Engr. Kama Neson Ganeson

Course Objectives 

At the end of this course, you should be able to discuss:

  1. Data Privacy Act, its Implementing Rules, and relevant issuances of the National Privacy  Commission (NPC)
  2. the role of the Data Protection Officers and their expected duties
  3. how to develop a Privacy Management Program for your organization
  4. how to handle security or data breach incidents within your organization
  5. the basics of Information Security
Course offering schedules for 2022:
CCDPO 1_2022 24 January – 18 February
CCDPO 2_2022 28 March – 22 April
CCDPO 3_2022 30 May – 24 June
CCDPO 4_2022 1 August – 26 August
CCDPO 5_2022 3 October – 28 October

Please register online at DP Course Online Sign-up Form and expect to receive an email from us on the enrollment procedures to know if there are still slots available.

For more information, please send an email to [email protected]

(This article, written by Siegfred Aldous Lacerna, was first published in the UPOU Website on February 10, 2022)