FN 170 Program Management in Nutrition

| Written by Padayon UP


With the guidance of the faculty-in-charge (FIC), the students are guided in formulating a data collection tool for community diagnosis with a focus on nutrition. They are also guided to assess the nutrition situation of a partner community, and to formulate a nutrition program proposal for the partner community.

Duration / Date:

Usually from November to December, near the end of the first semester

Target / Beneficiaries:

A local government unit needing nutrition guidance in program planning, with a focus on those with high prevalence of malnutrition and disease

Cost of Participation:


Office in Charge:

Department of Food Science and Nutrition College of Home Economics
University of the Philippines Diliman

Contact Details:

Casiana Blanca Villarino, PhD
Department Chairperson
Department of Food Science and Nutrition
Room 220 Alonso Hall
College of Home Economics
Regidor St.
University of the Philipines
Tel. no.: 981 8500 loc. 3412
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

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