UP Law offers free legal aid online

| Written by Padayon UP

Image from the UP College of Law Facebook page


The UP College of Law launched on April 20, 2020 an online portal to “handle requests for legal assistance, legal advice and education, and if necessary, legal representation for issues arising from the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine [ECQ].”

Law Dean Fides Cordero-Tan, in an open message posted at the college website, announced the signing on of #UPLawHelps, which can be accessed at https://law.upd.edu.ph/uplawhelps/ and emailed at [email protected].

“#UPLawHelps brings together the commitment, passion, expertise, resources, and networks of the entire UP Law Community—faculty, REPS, staff, students, and alumni (with a lot of friends and allies joining in)—into one, focused effort to help our people through this pandemic,” Cordero-Tan said.

According to the portal, #UPLawHelps is an ad hoc initiative to assist the public in following legal areas:“the exercise of civil and political rights; the conduct of private and public entities specific to the rights of COVID-19 patients; the interruption of businesses and other day-to-day operations, in relation to payments and like obligations; and, conflicting rights and obligations arising from scenarios particular to COVID-19 or the ECQ.”

The college formed teams corresponding to these areas. These are the teams on:

• Civil and Political Rights (CPRT), operating out of the UP Law Civil and Political Rights Clinic under Atty. Theodore Te;

• COVID-19 Patients and Family Rights (PFRT), operating through Volunteer Lawyers Against Discrimination under Atty. Divina Pedron;

• Conduct of Business (CBT), operating through volunteer lawyers from UP Law Class of 1993 under Atty. Paul Alcudia; and

• Rights under Quarantine (RQT), operating through the UP Office of Legal Aid under Director Carlo L. Vistan.

Additional teams may be formed as the need arises, according to the website.

Those requesting legal assistance or advice can email a team at [email protected]. All requests are attended to between 8 AM and 12 noon and 1 PM to 5 PM, Mondays to Fridays.

Those wishing to volunteer to help with any of the four teams may email Atty. Golda Miñoza at [email protected].

(This was originally posted on the UP System website on May 5, 2020)