UP Visayas creates task force to respond to oil spill in Tablas Strait

| Written by Padayon UP

(Photo Credit: Province of Antique)


Chancellor Clement C. Camposano constituted a task force to respond to the oil spill that happened in Tablas Strait last Feb. 28, 2023, after a vessel known as MT Princess Empress carrying 800,000 liters of oil sank.

As part of UPV’s commitment to be of service to the nation by contributing its expertise for technical advisory services, damage assessment, environmental analysis, and disaster mitigation for the conservation and protection of our country’s precious marine resources and coastal communities, the tasks of the committee are to: 1) plan, propose and develop UPV’s response to the incident; 2) submit proposals for funding to UPV and external agencies; 3) coordinate with LGUs and other agencies in the assessment of damage to habitats, socio-economic impacts, and other important concerns; 4) prepare and present results of said assessment and findings to the external public and other agencies as the need arises; and 5) assist, coordinate, and provide technical advice to LGUs and other agencies.

The task force is headed by UPV oil spill expert Prof. Resurreccion Sadaba, Ph.D., and co-chaired by Prof. Alice Joan G. Ferrer, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

The task force is divided into three major teams: the Biophysical Team, Socio-Economic and Health Team, and the Communications and Coordination Team.

The Biophysical Team is composed of Prof. Resurreccion Sadaba, Prof. Wilfredo Campos, Prof. Encarnacion Emilia Yap, Prof. Mae Grace Nillos, Prof. Harold Monteclaro, Assoc. Prof. Marie Frances Nievales, Assoc. Prof. Victor Marco Emmanuel Ferriols, Assoc. Prof. Ramer Bautista, Assoc. Prof. Sheila Mae Santander-de Leon, Assoc. Prof. Karen Villarta-Lane, Asst. Prof. Cristy Acabado, Asst. Prof. Jonalyn Mateo, Mr. Alan Dino Moscoso, and Ms. Anne Brigette Ledesma.

The Socio-Economic and Health Team is made up of Prof. Ferrer, Prof. Gay Defiesta, Assoc. Prof. Cheryl Joy Fernandez-Abila, Assoc. Prof. Reynold Tan, Asst. Prof. Serafin Malecosio, and Asst. Prof. Adrienne Marrie Bugayong-Janagap.

Meanwhile, the Communications and Coordination Team is composed of Ms. Gerthrode Charlotte Tan-Mabilog, Ms. Anna Razel Ramirez, and Asst. Prof. Jonevee Amparo.

To help the island communities of the Municipality of Caluya, Antique that are affected by the oil spill, the task force released its first bulletin today, 06 March, titled Guidelines for Clean-up Workers thru the Cash-for-Work.

The task force will continue to release bulletins to create awareness and closely coordinate with point persons in the affected island communities to assist in their needs.


(This article, written by UPV-IPO, was first published in the UP Visayas website on 6 March 2023)