UPV organizes webinar on the “Boon and Bane of Social Media”

| Written by Padayon UP

Social media has taken over the lives of people all over the world. Filipinos are among its top users globally. While it has many benefits, it also has a many downsides.

The webinar, “The Boon and Bane of Social Media” was hosted online via Zoom on August 5, 2020 that featured three important and highly relevant topics with speakers from UP Visayas.  These are ‘Responsible Use of Social Media’ by Prof. Lorenz Belanio of the College of Management; ‘The Legal Implications on the Use of Social Media,’ by Atty. Nellie Jo Regalado, UPV Legal Counsel; and ‘Be a Positive Influencer on Social Media’ by Prof. Jude Vincent Parcon, from the UPV Division of Humanities.

Belanio shared the Four Cornerstone of Responsible Use of Social media which are: 1.) Protect your privacy; 2.) think before you click (care before you share); 3.) No to cyber bullying; and, 4.) Spend less time on social media, but instead spend it with humans.

On her part, Atty. Regalado emphasized that freedom of speech comes with great responsibility. She said that there is a limitation in the exercise of our rights. She shared that various laws and provisions can prosecute cyber bullying and libelous acts.

Parcon on the other hand shared very practical tips on how one can be a positive influencer on social media. These were what he shared:

1.    Don’t check your feed first thing in the morning.

2.    Curate your feed, meaning chose those what you click and follow those who give you positive vibes.

3.    Engage in meaningful campaign and causes, i.e. health and wellness, championing the environment.

4.    Share factual information with your friend and followers, or don’t spread fake news.

5.    Seek inspiration. Be an inspiration.

6.    Be conscious of your posts and the feelings of others; have empathy and always think how it would affect you if you are at the receiving end of a nasty and malicious post.

7.    Be truly sociable. Aim to uplift others. Engage in constructive conversations.

The webinar was organized by the Information and Publications Office. Its participants spread from the UPV community, to the other UP constituent universities, the alumni, as well as the external public.

(This was originally posted on the UP Visayas website on August 10, 2020)