Banana Flour/Cake Production: A livelihood Training Project for IP Women in UP Laak Land Reservation

| Written by Padayon UP

Proponent: Land Reservation and Management Office


Technology Transfer and Business Development Office
Kidawa National High School
Dibabawon Tribe of Kidawa
Kidawa Barangay Council

General Objective: To equip participants with food processing techniques which they can use to process food products available in their community.

Venue: Kidawa National High School, Kidawa, Laak

Date/s: August 15-16, 2017

Target Participants: 40 IP women


A current trend in addressing issues on gender roles in family set-up is to provide a venue where both man and woman can utilize their potentials to the optimum and be gender sensitive to each other while raising a family.  For women development in particular, attaining economic and social empowerment can be realized through livelihood training programs.  These interventions can always be possible with the aid and support from the government and other private agencies.  Economic sustainability always starts at home and this can be realized if everyone in the family – regardless of sex and gender orientation, is working hand in hand for a common goal.

On June 1997, the University of the Philippines Mindanao has been assigned portions of the public domain in Kidawa, Laak, through Presidential Proclamation (PP) No. 1252. The Laak Land Reservation will be utilized for purposes of research, extension, and instruction, as well as, forest protection and rehabilitation, biodiversity conservation, crops and livestock production and management, and will be a training and development center for upland communities.

The UP Laak Land Reservation are home of the Indigenous Peoples (IPs) known as the Dibabawon Tribe.

Consistent to the mandate of the Presidential Proclamation 1252 and to the Land Reservation Management and Development Program (Land RAMP), the UP Mindanao through its Land Reservation and Management office (LRMO) will conduct a Livelihood Training on Banana Flour and Cake production for the Dibabawon women at the Kidawa National High School on August 15-16, 2017.  The said training is envisioned since bananas (cardava, tundan, binangay) are common in the area.


The general objective of the training is to promote economic and social empowerment among Dibabawon women, specifically:

  1. To provide alternative livelihood opportunities for women and their families;
  2. To develop/enhance woman’s economic capabilities and potentials;
  3. To develop confidence among themselves, and;
  4. To strengthen the linkage between UP Mindanao and the Dibabawon Tribe.

Expected Output

After the training, participants are expected to:

  1. Produce their own product as an alternative source of income;
  2. Develop confidence among themselves and enhance their economic capabilities and potentials;
  3. Boost and sustain their income for the family, and;
  4.  Strengthen camaraderie among themselves.

Course Contents

  1.  Food Safety
  2. Banana Flour Production
  3. Banana Cake Production