The University of the Philippines gives thanks to all the UP alumni and friends who donated to the UP Fights COVID-19! campaign. The donations are set to be sent to the members of the UP community, including frontline health workers in the health service units, students stranded in dormitories, on-campus, and off-campus residences, professor emeriti, skeleton workforce staff, and other members in the different Constituent Universities.

University of the Philippines is accepting donations in cash and in kind for our frontliners, students, staff, and other members of the UP community in the different UP constituent universities. Click the constituent university for more details. Padayon!

Members of the UP community in the different Constituent Universities, including frontline healthcare workers in the University Health Service, Iskos and Iskas who are stranded in the dormitories and boarding houses, staff who are part of the skeleton workforce, professor emeriti, on-campus residents, and others who are adversely affected by the enhanced community quarantine, are […]