#ComeTogether forum promotes sex education in UPLB

| Written by Padayon UP

(Photo Credit: UP Los Baños website)


The UPLB Gender Center hosted a sex education forum titled #ComeTogether to promote safe and informed sexual practices in the university. The forum, held at DL Umali Hall on March 20, was attended by students, UPLB faculty and staff, health professionals, and advocates.

The event included talks on various topics related to sex education, including contraception, sexually transmitted infections, consent, and sexual pleasure.

The forum speakers were Dr. Drew Valdez, a urologist, Dr. Riyan Portuguez, a psychologist and an influencer known as @yourmillennialpsych on TikTok, and Say Tioco, a content creator and women empowerment and sexual health advocate.

The speakers emphasized the importance of having open and honest conversations about sex and sexuality.

Dr. Valdez discussed the different sexually transmitted infections and the ways these diseases are usually transmitted. He also emphasized the importance of undertaking regular check-ups and screenings to maintain sexual health.

In addition to promoting safer sex practices, Dr. Portuguez and Tioco talked about breaking the stigma and misconceptions surrounding sex and sexuality.

They emphasized the importance of respecting diversity and individual choices when it comes to sex and relationships.

Tioco also highlighted the importance of consent and explained that it should be FRIES or freely given, reversible, informed, enthusiastic, and specific.

An open forum was held for the participants to ask questions regarding sex and sexuality. The organizers hoped that it would educate and encourage participants to practice safer and responsible sexual behavior.

The UPLB Gender Center and event sponsor, Durex, expressed their commitment to continuing the conversation on sex education and promoting sexual health and well-being in the university.

They also encouraged participants to be advocates for sex education and to share their knowledge with their peers and communities.


(This article, written by Marlei F. Barile and Sairah Mae R. Saipudin, was first published in the UP Los Baños website on 26 March 2023)