Online Bridge Courses: Online Learning Skills @UPOU, Bridge English @UPOU, and Bridge Math @UPOU

| Written by Padayon UP


These online bridge courses are designed to help new students of senior high school. Online Learning Skills @UPOU is a four-week online course that aims to help students develop study skills for effective learning in an online distance education environment. Bridge English @UPOU, on the other hand, is also a four-week online course that reviews English grammar and writing mechanics to prepare students for college-level English Communication courses. Lastly, Bridge Math @UPOU is also a four-week online course designed to help students improve their foundation and basic skills in Mathematics.

Duration / Date:

Four to five weeks

Target / Beneficiaries:

New students of Grades 11 and 12

Cost of Participation:


Office in Charge:

Faculty of Education

Contact Details:

Faculty of Education
[email protected] (or [email protected])
(63-49) 536-6001 to 06 loc 831, 331
(63-49) 543-6009

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