English Plus Course for International Students (EPC)

| Written by Padayon UP


Since 2000, the UPLB CAS LITE Program has been helping UPLB international graduate and undergraduate students improve their basic English language proficiency through the English Plus Course.

The English Plus Course is a three- to four-week course that covers two areas—Pronunciation Improvement and Oral Presentation, and Conversational Fluency. It is supplemented by a two-hour daily guided interaction and a cultural exposure trip within the University of the Philippines Los Baños and the International Rice Research Institute, including a whole-day trip to the different towns in the province of Laguna.

The program has mentored international undergraduate and graduate students and faculty and helped them develop vocabulary that is adequate to cope with a variety of situations. They also learned to speak English with sufficient accuracy to be able to effectively participate in both formal and informal conversations. They were trained to pronounce distinct critical sounds of English, and correctly enunciate English sounds in simple sentences and actual conversations. They were also exposed to the varying tools of communication, which they can use in giving oral presentations.

Duration / Date:

One hundred hours spread over two to three weeks

Target / Beneficiaries:

International graduate and undergraduate students seeking to improve their English proficiency

Cost of Participation:

PhP 44,471 per participant, inclusive of the course fee (PhP 21,000), non- course fee for food, accommodation and Bureau of Immigration Special Study Permit (PhP 22,271), and transportation fee (PhP 1,200)

Office in Charge:

Language Instruction Towards Excellence (LITE) Program College of Arts Sciences
University of the Philippines Los Baños

Contact Details:

Dr. Felino P. Lansigan
Dean, CAS and
Manager, LITE Program
Tel.: (049) 501 5822
E-mail: [email protected]

Mabini DG. Dizon Coordinator
LITE Program
Tel.: (049) 536 2402
E-mail: [email protected]

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