LRC conducts UPLB Recruitment Program in PSHS Campuses

| Written by Padayon UP

The UPLB Learning Resource Center (LRC) conducted the UPLB Recruitment Program for the Best and the Brightest (RPBB) in three Philippine Science High School (PSHS) campuses, namely: PSHS Ilocos Region Campus on Oct. 7; PSHS Southern Mindanao Campus on Oct. 14; and the PSHS Cagayan Valley on Oct. 29.

RPBB is part of the career orientation sessions of the respective campuses together with other universities in the country.

The RPBB aims to promote UPLB’s flagship degree programs: BS Agriculture, BS Forestry, and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine DVM.

The Program also promotes other degree programs of UPLB such as BS Statistics, BS Human Ecology, and BS Nutrition, highlighting the different opportunities provided in each course and answers some concerns such as the academic program proper, admission processes, and scholarships and financial assistance.

Dr. Maria Catalina T. de Luna and Dr. Rio John T. Ducusin, faculty members at the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) provided an overview of what to expect in the DVM program.

They highlighted CVM as one of the original colleges of UP, a CHED Center of Excellence, and the lone top performing school in the veterinary licensure exam.

Also discussed were the different career options and opportunities of a graduate of DVM, as well as, the vital role of veterinarians in our society.

The part on the DVM program was concluded with a short video on the journey of a DVM graduate from being a student up to employment.

The BS Forestry program was presented by Dr. Rosalie C. Mendoza, college secretary and faculty member at the College of Forestry and Natural Resources (CFNR).

Dr. Mendoza showed the different courses one takes as a BS Forestry student across the different departments of the college.

She also featured notable CFNR alumni and their contributions to the field of forestry as well as scholarship opportunities available for undergraduate students shown in a short video clip.

Dr. Mendoza also mentioned the 100% passing rate of UPLB in the recent Forester Licensure Examination.

Dr. Roselyn F. Paelmo, college secretary and faculty member at the College of Agriculture and Food Science (CAFS) introduced the BS Agriculture program and the different fields an agriculturist can venture into after graduation.

Dr. Paelmo emphasized the important role of agriculturists in the Philippines, particularly in the food sector.

She presented a video which showcased the history of CAFS and the different innovations and technologies that the college pioneered throughout the years.

The BS Statistics degree program is one of the courses included in the RPBB. John Lorenzo A. Yambot, a faculty member at the Institute of Statistics of the College of Arts and Sciences, talked about the history of the Institute and the BS Statistics program.

Yambot highlighted the achievements of the Institute such as the CHED Center of Excellence in Statistics and notable alumni such as Dr. Lilia T. Habacon who is the executive director of the PSHS System.

He also emphasized that statisticians are very employable and have countless opportunities in different fields.

The BS Nutrition program was presented by Dr. Aimee Sheree A. Barrion, director of the Institute of Human Nutrition and Food (IHNF) of the College of Human Ecology (CHE).

She provided the different activities and services the program offers in training future nutritionist-dietitians.

Dr. Barrion enumerated the different career opportunities of BS Nutrition graduates after passing the licensure examination for nutritionist-dietitians of which UPLB is the top performing school with 100% passing rate since 2008.

The last degree program showcased in the RPBB was the BS Human Ecology program.

Dr. Edgar Reyes and John Ceffrey Eligue, faculty members at CHE, presented the degree program and the different  skills that are developed after finishing the program.

Through the different specializations of the program, its graduates are given holistic and integrative development, which helps them in the different comprehensive career choices available.

At the end of the program, Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Jickerson P. Lado provided an overview of different scholarship programs, as well as other grants and opportunities in the University that students can take advantage of.

Lado, who is also director of the Office of Scholarships and Grants (OSG), emphasized that financial constraints should not hinder a student from studying in UPLB.

(This article, written by Sheryl Edd P. Hermosa–Ebron and Joshua Michael G. Jonas,  was first published in the UPLB Website on November 5, 2021)