Training on Community Organizing (CO)

| Written by Padayon UP


CO has been very vital towards the journey of empowering people’s organization and community based organizations. Through this training, the participants are expected to understand the principles, values, processes and approaches in doing CO.

Duration / Date:

Three to four days, on-demand

Target / Beneficiaries:

Leaders of community-based organizations, community organizers, NGO workers, project and program officers, community relations officers, corporate social responsibility officers, social workers, local government officials, and related national government employees

Cost of Participation:

PhP 5,000 per participant for the three-day training

Office in Charge:

Department of Social Development Services (DSDS)
College of Human Ecology (CHE)
University of the Philippines Los Baños

Contact Details:

Dr. Emilia S. Visco
Tel. No.: (049) 536-8409
E-mail account: [email protected]

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