FN 176 Community Nutrition in Practice

| Written by Padayon UP


With the guidance of the faculty-in-charge (FIC), the students are guided in analyzing the nutritional situation of the community. They are taught to facilitate the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of a nutrition program that will address the identified nutritional problem together with the Local Nutrition Committees and other stakeholders in the community. They endorse nutrition interventions to the Local Nutrition Committees and other stakeholders in the community, and they identify, analyze the nutritional needs, and formulate a nutrition care plan for an at-risk family. They assist community health and nutrition workers with their nutrition-related tasks and responsibilities, and they conduct a capability-building seminar for the community health and nutrition workers.

This service learning initiative is currently conducted with the University of the Philippines Manila Community Health Development Program (CHDP).

Duration / Date:

Usually from January to March, at the start of the second semester

Target / Beneficiaries:

Rural poor or underserved communities, with a focus on those with high prevalence of malnutrition and disease

Cost of Participation:


Office in Charge:

Department of Food Science and Nutrition
College of Home Economics
University of the Philippines Diliman

Contact Details:

Casiana Blanca Villarino, PhD
Department Chairperson
Department of Food Science and Nutrition
Room 220 Alonso Hall
College of Home Economics
Regidor St.
University of the Philipines
Tel. no.: 981 8500 loc. 3412
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

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