Free Online Biosafety Training for Laboratorians who will be handling SARS-CoV-2

| Written by Padayon UP

The National Training Center for Biosafety and Biosecurity (NTCBB) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), UP Manila is offering a free Online Biosafety Training for Laboratorians who will be handling SARS-CoV-2 on March 30 – April 3, 2020.

Lecture Topics (approximately 1 1/2 hours per lecture)

  1. Introduction to Biorisk Management with Focus on Biosafety
  2. Risk Assessment
  3. Biocontainment Facilities
  4. Biosafety Cabinet Use
  5. Personal Protective Equipment
  6. Disinfection, Sterilization, and Decontamination
  7. Waste Management of Biological Materials

Mode of Teaching

  • Online and distance education modes will be used.
  • Distance teaching will be used by providing relevant materials, including the pre-recorded lectures,
    handouts, book chapters, journals, that are essential to the Covid-19 response. Further, discussion forums and quizzes will be utilized to evaluate the participants formatively and summatively.
  • Online teaching will be utilized for the open forum (April 1 and 2 (2 – 4 PM PST) Live via Zoom, choose one only)


For more information, please contact [email protected].


About the National Training Center for Biosafety and Biosecurity, National Institutes of Health, UP Manila

The National Training Center for Biosafety and Biosecurity (NTCBB) was created on February 22, 2018 by the UP Board of Regents as the national training center for training and practice of the principles of biosafety and biosecurity among research, academic and healthcare institutions in the Philippines and the region. Its mission is to create a culture of biosafety and biosecurity in all laboratories working on biological hazards. Specifically, the Center envisions to be a source of relevant information and expertise related to the practice of biosafety and biosecurity in the Philippines, to provide the capacity for training for biosafety and biosecurity practitioners in the Philippines, and to be the focal training center in the country that will link with counterpart organizations globally.

The programs, projects, and events of NTCBB were developed and implemented in line with the center’s major functions of advocacy and leadership, training and awareness, development of applicable biosafety standards tailored to the capacity of the country, generation of best practices and standards in laboratory biosafety and biosecurity, and creation of mechanisms for both degree (in partnership with a degree granting college) and non-degree programs that will enhance the professional practice of biosafety and biosecurity in the Philippines.

The Advanced Biorisk Officers Training & Certification Program is the flagship program of NTCBB. For the past 10 years, this 6-weeks advanced certification program has produced 120 certified biosafety officers all over the country. For more information visit

(This was originally posted on the UP System website on March 27, 2020)