Microbial testing of water, food, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, biocidal agents, plant- and animal-based materials, and non-biological matrices

| Written by Padayon UP


This service provides microbiological services that will generate data, information and test results pertinent to the requirements of customers. This include the completion of theses or dissertations, projects, and other research activities, the conformance of products to specific microbiological standards, the implementation of quality assurance or control programs, the implementation of research and development programs, as well as other relevant industrial applications.

Duration / Date:

By request

Target / Beneficiaries:

Private individuals, educators and researchers, government agencies, and the industry

Cost of Participation:

Cost will depend on the test to be performed and the type of sample

Office in Charge:

Microbiological Research and Services Laboratory (MRSL) of the Natural Sciences Research Institute (NSRI)

Contact Details:

UP Trunkline 9818500 loc. 3706
Direct Line 9207730

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