Schedule of MOOC offering for ODeL Teacher Accreditation in 2017

| Written by Padayon UP

Strategic Planning in Open and Distance e-Learning

ODeL for Administrators

21 August to 23 September (5 weeks)

The goal of this course is to explain recent global developments and their implication to higher education, to discuss ODeL as a system and formulate a strategic ODeL vision for an education institution.  Modules such as Higher Education in the 21st Century, The ODeL System and Strategic Planning in Distance or Technology-Enabled Education will be presented in the course.






Quality Assurance in ODeL 

ODeL for Administrators
10 July to 15 August ( 5 weeks)
Since quality is an important aspect of education, the course focuses on quality assurance mechanisms that had been established and are being implemented by various institutions.  Basic concepts of quality in ODeL and models of evaluating ODeL were included in the course.  Various multimedia resources, as well as opportunities for interaction among learners, were provided.  As a basis for certification and to assess and facilitate own learning, assessments were done during the duration of the course.






Designing Learning in Open and Distance e-Learning

ODeL for Teachers
2 October to 4 November ( 5 weeks)
The course will introduce the principles and practice of designing for learning in ODeL contexts. At the end of the course, students are expected to explain the meaning and purpose of design for learning, differentiate ODeL course designs, discuss learning principles and processes and design an ODeL learning activity.









Content Development for Open and Distance e-Learning

ODeL for Teachers
2 October to 4  November ( 5 weeks)
The course is intended for educators. Content Development in ODeL will guide educators through the principles and processes of identifying and curating content and integrating them in a study guide. This course will show teachers how to create learning materials such as handouts, presentation, quizzes and assignments to guide students in their learning. The participants of the course are expected to write learning objectives, select learning resources, design learning activities and write a study guide for a module.








Learner Support in ODeL

21 August to 23 September ( 5 weeks)

13 November to 16 December (5 weeks)

The course will discuss how to provide an effective learner support in ODeL institutions. At the end of the course, students are expected to define learner support, explain its different types, and evaluate the relevance of learner support in the digital age.









Technology in ODeL

ODeL for Technology Personnel/System Administrators
21 August to 23 September ( 5 weeks)
13 November to 16 December(5 Weeks)

Technology in ODeL aims to help learners use different technologies in handling and facilitating Open and Distance e-Learning. A well-known Learning Management System called Moodle is introduced in this course. Other technologies for managing classes and developing materials are also discussed.







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