Strengthening messaging (about COVID) among all barangays in Iloilo City

| Written by Padayon UP

UPV continues to provide sustained communication support assistance to the local government of Iloilo City. Said effort extends to the evaluation of existing information, education, and communication (IEC) materials produced and developed by the Iloilo City Communication Team. As recommended by UPV, there is need to conduct information needs assessment to find out existing level of knowledge and health practices of the residents about COVID health and safety protocols, information sources,  and the extent of LGU support. Based on ‘knowledge gaps’ revealed by data results, UPV also recommends communication strategies intended to mobilize the barangay officials, identified health care providers, media institutions, social and religious organizations, and heads and/or representatives of households to take active participation in the implementation of the suggested communication package plan. Specifically, the strategies aim to:

1. Increase the visibility of COVID and/or COVID-related information in the barangay;

2. Encourage partnership and community support from barangay leaders, local organizations, media institutions, and local healthcare providers;

3. Develop IEC materials to address “knowledge gaps” based on survey results;

4. Ensure coordination of all information messages between and among information sources;

5. Orient barangay health workers with sufficient information that will allow them to answer common questions asked by the residents about COVID;

6. Provide residents with easy access to health information resources;

7. Create a mechanism for information dissemination;

8. Provide a venue for regular meetings to listen to reports and feedbacks;

9. Create sustained media outreach.

10. Evaluate communication efforts.

Note: A number of the recommended activities have already been implemented, while there are still those planned to be implemented soon.

(This was originally posted on the UP Visayas website on November 18, 2020)