Training Course on Microbial Analyses of Foods: Quality Indicators and Gram-Negative Pathogens

| Written by Padayon UP


This training course orients laboratory personnel from various sectors on the significance of microorganisms used as quality indicators and foodborne pathogens in public health, and their impact on the microbiological safety of foods. It also trains laboratory personnel in the principles and procedures for the following test methods: (a) Aerobic Plate Count (APC); (b) Coliform count and E. coli detection; and (c) Yeast and Mold Count and Salmonella detection.

Duration / Date:

Conducted yearly

Target / Beneficiaries:

Lab personnel or analysts from the academe, food companies, government agencies, and testing laboratories

Cost of Participation:

PhP 15,000 per trainee

Office in Charge:

Microbiological Research and Services Laboratory (MRSL) of the Natural Sciences Research Institute (NSRI)

Contact Details:

Direct Line 9207730

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